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Women of Influence Summit Panels and Topics

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Panel 1

Empowering Wellness: Transforming Health & Mindset

This panel focuses on the importance of wellness, mental health, and adopting a healthy lifestyle to foster personal and professional growth. The speakers will share insights on the transformative power of nurturing both physical and mental health, and how this foundation is crucial for achieving one's goals and aspirations.

Panel 3

Purpose Driven Leadership: Innovating for Impact

This panel will delve into the journey of transforming passion into purposeful leadership, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the impact of purpose-driven leadership in various sectors.

Signature Talk -
Atty Keisha Perry Walker

From Or to And: Can You Truly Have It All

This signature talk delves into the heart of what it means to "have it all," weaving together Keisha's own experiences with practical strategies for achieving balance in the modern world. Attendees will leave empowered with the tools to navigate their paths, breaking down barriers and reshaping the narrative around success and fulfillment. Keisha's message is clear: you don't have to choose between your career and your personal life; with the right mindset and strategies, you can embrace both and thrive.

Signature Talk - Selena Teasley

Empowering High Achievers: Financial Planning for the Unapologetic Woman

In this empowering session, Selena, a seasoned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, shares her wealth of knowledge and personal insights on how high-achieving women can navigate the complexities of financial planning with confidence and clarity. Focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the financial landscape, Selena provides actionable strategies, tools, and advice to help attendees build a secure financial foundation, invest with purpose, and achieve their financial goals while living a confident and unapologetic life. This talk is a must-attend for any woman ready to champion her wealth, career, and personal aspirations, rewriting her financial narrative on her own terms.

Panel 2

Financial Freedom: Building Wealth & Confidence

This panel aims to explore the paths to financial independence and empowerment, focusing on strategies for wealth building, financial planning, and overcoming economic challenges to achieve financial freedom and confidence.

Panel 4

Blazing New Trails: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

This panel will explore the intersections of technology, entrepreneurship, and education, highlighting how innovative approaches in these areas can lead to significant personal and professional growth. Panelists will share their unique experiences and insights on navigating the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, fostering a spirit of innovation, and leveraging technology to create impactful businesses and educational experiences.

Signature Talk - Dr. Yolonda Rawls

Aging Gracefully: Empowering Women to Lead Healthy Lives

This presentation encapsulates the essence of preventive healthcare, strategies for managing chronic conditions, and the critical role of mental health in enhancing life quality as we age. Drawing from her wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Rawls equips her audience with the knowledge and tools necessary to take proactive steps towards a vibrant, healthy future. Attendees will leave inspired to embrace aging with grace, armed with actionable insights into living their best lives at any age.

Signature Talk - Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson

Building Your Legacy through Entrepreneurship and Public Service

In this presentation, Lorraine would reflect on her entrepreneurial journey, from founding Salons Unlimited Magazine and contributing to United Front Media, to her transition into public service. She would discuss the lessons learned through her business ventures and how they informed her approach to serving her community. By sharing stories of adaptation, resilience, and impact, Lorraine would inspire attendees to consider how they can blend entrepreneurship with public service to build a lasting legacy that benefits their communities and aligns with their personal values.

"Redefining Success: A Personal Journey of Growth and Purpose"

Dametria Headshot.jpeg

Dametria Kinsley, Keynote Speaker

This keynote speech not only offers a glimpse into Dametria's unique path to success but also provides valuable insights and strategies for anyone looking to carve out their own definition of success, aligning their career with their deepest values and aspirations.
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