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Inspired Award

"Spotlight the trailblazing women who are reshaping industries and communities! If you know a visionary who excels in areas like innovation, leadership, community engagement, and more, nominate her for the Inspired Award at the

Women Of Influence Summit 2024."

Phoenix Award

"Help us spotlight the exceptional women who not only lead with unwavering vision but also overcome challenges with unmatched resilience. If you're acquainted with someone who's made tangible community impacts, or whose journey sparks inspiration in every tale, it's time to put them in the limelight. Nominate them for the Phoenix Award at the Women Of Influence Summit 2024, and let's together honor these remarkable women!"


Butterfly Award

"Empower the next generation of female leaders by nominating an exceptional young woman for recognition at the Women of Influence Summit 2024! If you know a female student in grades K-12 with entrepreneurial spirit, strong academic standing, and a passion for community involvement, we invite you to champion her achievements. 

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